The Trappist Worlds

Alpha centari wasn’t the only colony world, only the most successful. The Trapists are another human society which originated with the Great Exodus. While the settlers of alpha centari found an idyllic garden planet perfectly suited for human life, the Trapists arrived on the Trappist -1 system, which had no planets that were conducive to human life. Heavy genetic modification was required, which resulted in three distinct classes of citizen – which could not interbreed.

The Solda: bread for war. The Campi a cast of efficient workers. And the Caballero, a scholar cast that was only slightly modified but are generally treated as if they are born to lead. The result was a system wracked with factional wars and periodic (failed) worker rebellions. The system has been challenged substantially with the appearance of the alpha centarians, which have offered asylum and aid to the workers. Though the military technology of the Trapists has been as good, if not better, than that of alpha centari the Trapists are unable to compete with the multi-system industrial base of the alpha centarians, to say nothing of their control of the quantum gates. Still, relations between the Trapists and Alpha Centarians have been tense for the centuries since their discovery.

A recent decision on the part of Alpha Centari to support the Trapists in their expansion into another sector was hoped to be a fresh start, but with Alpha Centari’s decision to withdrawal their facility maintenance engineer, the project is now in doubt.

The Trappist Worlds
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A map of the the Trappist Worlds and nearby systems
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